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That was a great end to a great day. I’m shaking a bit now. I’m going to bed.

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Anonymous said: no i really am your friend, irl and everything. I dont say it to your face bc im a piece of shit, i know. but this is getting ridiculous.


Feel how you feel, but I thank 99% of the anons who message me. I’m sorry you think I’m a narcissist or that I’m vain or whatever. Any self-esteem or cockiness I have is faked for the sake of not appearing like a self-depricating killjoy. You clearly haven’t been there when I’ve broken down and cried and hurt myself because I see no worth in my life. These anons keep me going. They keep me feeling, even in some shallow sense, like I’m valuable in some way.

Please either stop or talk to me off of here because this is really not helping my already shitty mental health today.

Whoever this is, if you’re at Kam’s school, please let me know who you are Friday, when I’m on campus. So I can react in real time to your accusations and cowardice, because I have absolutely no problem either telling you off OR doing something I probably won’t regret, simply because I’ve been toughening up my knuckles and I know precisely where all the soft spots on the body are. c:

Please, continue in my askbox, because this is absolute bullshit and I will find you. Even if Kam is saying no retribution, because I’ve faced far too much of this (personally) to let it slide.

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who wants to lower their standards and date me

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I want a fluffy mohawk again
Just fluffy fluff