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wymzypie said: Hi. I am an aspiring king, but I have a really curvy figure (somewhere around 38-36-40). I'm also a triple D. Any tips for drag? Because, honestly, boys aren't cute and curvy. They look like sacks.

Alright, so one thing I had to learn the hard way in drag is that hiding your figure can be a real pain in the ass. First off, invest in a quality binder, specifically one that goes down to your waist. If you can afford it, I definitely say go with an Underworks binder or one of similar quality. A few of my king friends, including my mentor and his drag brother and the current reigning Mr. Tennessee, are bigger guys who (I would guess) have the same issues, and while some people use duck tape and it DOES work, it’s safer and cheaper (in the long run) to have a binder. I say go for a full length one and not a shorter one because they also keep your torso in check so everything looks a little flatter and less curvy.
Something I haven’t seen many kings (or trans men, for that matter, maybe I’m not looking hard enough) is getting your hips under control. It was my biggest issue for a while, because my hips were still feminine. Spanx are a MUST if you have curvy hips, so my suggestion is to try out some shapewear. If you’re comfortable with it (a binder plus spanx can make it hard to breathe, don’t push yourself too much and take your time getting used to wearing them before you really exert yourself performing) and you still have big hips, try two pairs of spanx. My mentor’s drag brother did that for nationals, but he almost passed out at a performance because it was too difficult for him to breathe.
Other than that, it’s the little details: always make sure you’re packing, DON’T wear pleated pants, wear things a teeny bit baggy if you need to, etc. But be safe and make sure you’re having a good time, more than anything. c:

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INTJ Traits - "The Scientists"


Positive Traits:

  • Not threatened by conflict/criticism
  • Typically confident and self-assured
  • Take relationships and commitments seriously
  • Typically extremely intelligent and capable
  • Able to leave bad relationships, though they may dwell on it in their…
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i honestly love getting messages from you guys so much it makes my day even if you’re just saying hi or something it’s nice to know you’re acknowledging my existence 

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